Almonds are the most consumed nuts across the globe and at Vedic Nuts we give you flavourful reasons to have them more often. Using the most premium quality of Californian Almonds, our range of goodness filled almonds come in a variety of indulgent flavours like Roasted, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Coffee, Paan, Hing-bomb, Rose Petal and many more. Hit the explore button below to find yourself a plethora of surprising flavours in our exquisite Almond range by Vedic Nuts.

They are creamy, they are crunchy and they are ready to melt in your mouth. We endorse only the finest of W-210 grade cashews, which are available in Roasted or glazed with natural ingredients like Cinnamon, Pepper, Honey and more. Explore our unique range of cashews handcrafted by Maîtres to give you the most scrumptious nut experience.

Raisins have numerous health benefits and with our flavours, we make them even better. Our raisins are sourced exclusively from Turkey and assorted with the finest flavours to mesmerise your senses. We offer you a collection that is practically Raisin’ the bar of gourmet nuts.

Our gourmet creations use the most premium Fard Dates sourced specially from the Sultanate of Oman. These impressive dates come with dark wrinkled skin, sweet flavour and rich texture which make them an Arabian Delight in every form. Co-created with exquisite flavours, so do ‘Save the Date’ before they’re all sold out.

A powerhouse of nutrition, Cranberries are vitamin-rich and have numerous health benefits. Indulge in our enticing range of flavours with the goodness of sweet and sour berries sourced exclusively from the USA.

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